Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy week....

This weekend was crazy. Brooke and I were both a part of the Easter services at RH. It was crazy for both of us. I didnt get many pics while we were there but here are a couple that i snagged on my phone. .... and yes we are all straight. ;)

On a side note, we are looking at getting a "real" chair as Brooke would call it. I have been doing most of our apartment furniture shopping and my Eames Rocking Chair didnt pass the test of a functional chair..... but its rad looking.. and no, we didnt pay that price or anywhere close to it. My instinct is to go to Anthropologie and find a chair there so I went and found this sweet chair with parrots all over it. We'll see if it fits the budget.

The wedding planning is going great... we have so much help, its unbelievable! I cant wait to show you our invites.... they are rad!!!! thanks to Mindy!

K well thats all for now. I have to show Brooke how to blog.... she is eager to start posting ;)

have a great week!


Adrian Martinez said...

aaron. that homeboy is solid.

and yeah thats a rad chair. but so is your eames, but really, i think a softer more comfortable chair would be a better choice for a more inviting and warm home as opposed to a museum / house.

im excited for you both.

treverhoehne said...

thanks adrian for that input... i think you are right.