Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iron Man

Josh, Bri, Tyler, Trever and I went to see iron man. Typically I wouldn't post about a night at the show, however this experience was different. First of all it was the main event in my week. I haven't been out since the surgery so it was a big deal. Second i had to use the wheel chair which my lovely Brianne got for me. It was quite interesting, people really do stare at you more when you are in a wheel chair. Trever continued loudly telling me he is so happy that i survived the accident even though I am paralyzed. When i did walk trev and ty said i walk like iron man in my surgery shoes and kept calling me iron women throughout the evening. Third i thought I would post about it because Trever was really jazzed about it. He kept saying in a deep voice "I am iron man" he told me later that if he was a super hero he would be iron man...i humored him by saying something like, "oh yeah...totally". It's cool though because if he's iron man that makes me pepper pots which is a pretty rad name and then i get to look like Gyweneth. well anyways I'm happy he's home.

Oh to have usable feet. Here's a picture of us when we went to the Angel's game with Taylor and Brittany. I had a normal smiling one but that's not very interesting so here's the fun one.

When I'm at home I use the walker instead of the wheelchair. This i how all the iron man walking takes place..it's pretty cool.

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