Friday, November 7, 2008

Aah the joys in life

Here's a few things I'm excited for. I got a new bike today which is really exciting because I ride a bike every day to class so I have been borrowing my sisters. Here's a picture of it

There are two things exciting about this picture, 1.the lights are going up on the Christmas tree which is soooo exciting. I can't wait for Christmas.

2. We have fortuna tonight. For those of you that don't know Fortuna is the championship game for intamural flag football....It's a pretty big deal and my team, The Smooth Criminals are in it. It's our third time and we are so excited. These photos are from last year and the year before!

Here's a few of us from earlier today.

And finally, I made a honey almond pound cake and it turned out pretty good :) It's a good day.


gabrielle said...

cool bike! and good luck tonight, I'll be in the crowd! I'm stoked for your guys' intro...I'm sure it will be impressive as usual:)

carsonbelmont said...

Bike looks good, did you build it all by yourself?