Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chuck and Ned

Halloween was really fun this year. Trever and I went to Caleb and Heather's house for a little party. We dressed like pushing daisies, everyone who had seen the show could guess who we were.

The costume award totally went to the Clements daughter Emily, she was a little pig and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen...ever. The boys bobbed for apples in ice water, it was really funny because they got really competitive, except Trever. He figured the pain of the cold water wasn't worth the apple.

After that we went to Whiteny and Jon's to hang out for a little bit, which was fun as usual. Oh and I made a pie for Trever to carry, but it turned out really ugly, however we tried it and it tastes amazing. So we bought a marie calenders pie for the prettyness, and we'll eat mine later. Well I hope you all had great Halloweens. Next up...Thanksgiving :)

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Jon McWhorter said...

Next time can trever bake the pie? I want to see how that works out.