Monday, March 23, 2009

The mowl

I must say my semester definitely caters to senior-itice. One of my easiest classes is ceramics which is my favorite art class I've taken. I tend to avoid any sort of art, particularly drawing or painting due to my complete lack of creativity. However, the art of clay can be managed by the left-brained student like myself.

Please take note:
The item on the left began as a mug and morphed into a bowl and ended up with a paint job that a five year old could do. I show people and pretend like it's my favorite. I keep it for a good laugh. We call it the mowl.
The item on the right really is my favorite. It kind of looks like a honey jar, but don't be fooled, it a mug. It has no handle for those of us who's body temerature is 10 degrees lower that the general population-it keeps my hands warm.

Well with that I encourage you to express your creativity. Even if you don't have much.

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