Monday, September 21, 2009


Around this time of year i get a major itch to move to New England because of their beautiful autumn season. So in order to get my fair share of changing leaves I have to resort to decorating my house. I had to stay home sick this Thursday so I decided to be crafty since I was bound to the I made fall stuff. :) I do realize that it's not even October, but I don't care.
Sorry all the pictures are blurry, my apartment is a cave and the flash made everything look weird.
I made this Thankful sign with burlap and I stitched on orange letters

I just cleaned out my closet so I used some old sweatshirts to make leaves

For my senior project in high school I learned how to crochet. Turns out it does come in handy.

This was Trev's birthday present from me ... I didn't make it


lee lo said...

WOW! Brooke! Those are awesome. Loving the leaves made out of sweaters, bravo!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are soooo cute! are totally creative. I think they should sell your crochet pumpkins at anthro. Actually...can I place an order for some? I LOVE THEM!!!