Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks a lot

My Christmas tree theme is the ever so common hand-made look. I have begun looking on those classic websites that are always sure to bring a few good ideas for this oh so wonderful and rapidly approaching holiday season. Pottery barn had some lovely ornaments that were decent priced and could be a good addition to my tree. Crate & Barrel was the same as well as several other housing decor stapels. I was feeling good about my tree and the things I have for it, feeling like I was right with it, or dare I say, a little ahead of the trend.

Then I decided to pay a visit to anthropologie...BAD IDEA. All that came was rapid discontement for my future tree and it's ornaments as well as a constant reminder that I have mediocre taste. I felt as if I NEEDED ALL of the ornaments to make my tree worth looking at, and they are all a tad more expensive than I (or Trever) can justify paying. So I'm left with a dull future of a "not quite there" Christmas tree, but at least it's a christmas tree :)
HUMBUG (the new christmas carol was great)

Yes I know, this is not what "Christmas is all about" Thanks Linus

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