Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chapman U Undie Run

So I was working on my paper when BD came over and told about this tradition that Chapman University does when their finals week is over. It all starts when they strip down into their underwear, so they can give their clothes to Africa :) and they start at the corner of campus and run to the fountain in the Orange Circle and back. We didn't realize what a big deal it was until at about 11;40 I could hear everyone yelling from campus. At midnight they run down to the fountain, so we decided to go and watch. It was hilarious. The police even close off the street. haha

This is from our house, you can hear them chanting Africa from the lawn, as clothes are flying everywhere.

Well anyways, Trever used to blog his random iphone pictures. Now I have one :) so I will too
Here is the term paper that I can't seem to finish

Me and Britt at late night breakfast

CAB's ugly christmas sweater party

And an Owl ornament that Steph made for me :)


travis and hayley said...

i was laughing so hard at the undie run. especially, hearing BD and trev in the background saying, "that's right, you earned it". and i love the owl ornament. so cute!

Anonymous said...


Annika said...

Dear undie

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