Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lovely Gift

Yesterday Trever's mom gave us the china they are passing down to us. It's so beautiful, if I had to pick a pattern out this would be it. With it came a note that read:
"To our precious Trever and Brooke with Love,
These were given to Terry's dad and mom from your Great Grandmother Hoehne (Ella) for a wedding gift. We've enjoyed them for years and hope they serve you well too.
We love you very much. Enjoy
Dad and Mom Hoehne

I want to plan a dinner party just so I can use them :)


travis and hayley said...

wow! seriously stunning! i think that pattern is almost the exact same pattern as our china... except ours isn't generations old and we don't have the entire set. so so so special to inherit something so sweet!

The Hofschroer's said...

love it! i think you should plan a dinner party... and you should invite the hofschroers! haha... jk!

ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...
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