Monday, August 9, 2010

An update on my Pescatarian Shenanigans

I fell off the wagon for one meal. But it's because Trever and I went to Rosine's for dinner (a small greek restaurant in anaheim hills) and they have the best chicken in the world, so I ordered it. But since then I haven't had any meat. It actually hasn't been hard at all and I feel really good.
I frequent many of the local farmers markets which is great not only because of the wonderful produce, but also because it's just plain fun. I go with my friend Sarah Carter who is even more granola than me. She even uses re-usable grocery bags, she's enviro and gronola, can you believe it? Don't worry though she gave me a bag last week.
Her and her husband Steve are also beginning the process of international adoption...sheesh. I'll never live up to her ;) Their story is actually really great and you can read about it here. is what I got-

I am learning how to cook without meat, so I got this recipe from epicurious (the greatest recipe iphone app), they are mushroom tacos. If you like mushrooms you would like these. Even Trever did...or at least he said he did.
It's mushrooms, onions, and poblano peppers sauteed and put in corn tortillas. Then you melt a little cheese, and throw some cilantro, avocado, feta cheese, and a little Tapatio. yum

Side note: I saw this in the grocery store and it grossed me out, so I thought I would share...

p.s. Who thinks it's lame that Trever doesn't blog anymore? He's way funnier than me.


carsonbelmont said...

I don't know, the squeeze garlic is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Um...LOVE Epicurious. I feel like I deserve a nod there for introducing it to you! YUM on veggie tacos. For protein, you gotta try quinoa. It's so good!