Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Mania

September holds many birthdays among our family and friends.

At dinner, Trever's birthday request was that everyone eat their cake without their hands. Everyone willingly complied...I was shocked. I could barely eat mine because I was laughing so hard. This is Sarah going for a big bite

Summer's 30th
Bruce's birthday as well, but we haven't celebrated that yet.

It's a little ridiculous. None of these are normal. I look normal every time because he convinces me before each photo that he is going to be serious this time...

Trever, Josh, & Jon
We had dinner in LA and then a show at the Trubadour. It was a random band, but they ended up being really good. It was a really fun night!


Today's was Kathy's birthday...yet to be celebrated.

Happy birthday to all these wonderful people. I love you all very much


Anonymous said...

ha... I love the way Trever smiles in his pictures. Totally great.

Anonymous said...

Really pretty girls. You are lucky.