Monday, February 14, 2011


Trever and I went to our friend Kathleen's house. She cooked for us and the Hughes, and her meal was so amazing I thought it was worth a blog post. She cooked the fish whole, and the salt on the outside sort of steams the fish. It was amazing!!! We all got our own fish and pulled the meat off the bones and everything. Apparently that's how they do it in Italy, so then we got on the topic of Italy and how amazing it is. I LOVE to travel and Trev isn't a big fan, but I think this conversation may have helped my case for a trip to Europe.

This is kathleen and her fish.

We ended the night with a hunting video game that was way to realistic. I just think this picture is funny

Side Note: All of the Hoehne's have been thoroughly enjoying these wonderful weeks of sunshine!!!

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