Friday, March 18, 2011

The House that Broke our Hearts

When Trever and I first moved to Orange we thought we could buy right away…turns out we couldn’t afford anything in the Old Towne Area. We found our wonderful rental and gave up on owning any time in the near future.
Over a year ago I was on a walk with a friend and passed by a Pink and Green house that we thought was absolutely beautiful, and on the most perfect street. We called, only to find out, yet again, that we couldn’t afford it. However Trever and I would frequently walk by it, and compare all other house to the “pink and green” as we often called it.

Long story short, with minutes to spare we opened escrow on the house over a year later, and avoided what could have been quite the bidding war. Everything had to happen exactly the way it did for us to get the house at the price we did, and we felt so blessed that it all worked out. Trever and I were soooo happy and basically moving in, in our minds. We put our 30 day notice in at our place and I was counting down the days until the move.

Unfortunately, there is a legal issue that has to do with the title, and basically it is out of our hands. We were so close and now we’re so sad. Here’s a picture of the best house in Orange 

I realize there are MUCH worse things in life, and this post is a little Mela-dramatic, but that’s how I feel right now So to cheer ourselves up, we will go out for a fancy dinner, celebrate our lack of mortgage, and plan a trip to Italy (still talking Trever into this one.

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Leelo said...

Brooke and Trev,

I'll be the first one to say, looking for a house is so stressful! When Alex and I started looking two years ago we found a house that we fell in love with too and we even were willing to go at the top of our price range to get it. Ours ended in a bidding war, which we didn't win. But...

He provided us with a home at the bottom of our price range, a cute 1950's, 2 bed 1 bath home over 1000 square feet with a large back yard, central air and original hardwood floors. While it's a bit smaller than we were hoping for and it has a bit of work to put into it, it's ours and it's beautiful. And, most of all, GOD KNEW! So much has changed since we originally purchased a house, Alex has had to cut back hours at work so we can both go to school and because of our current LOW mortgage, we were able to afford to do that.

So be encouraged! God sees the desires of your hearts and what he has planned for you will be even better than what you could have ever planned for yourself.

Blessings on your house-hunting journey!