Monday, June 6, 2011


After my sophomore year of college I backpacked (I use that word lightly. We had backpacks but other than that we didn’t see a tent or go for a hike or anything) anyways, we backpacked through Europe with my sister and two of our friends. Towards the end of our trip we ran out of money and we would buy loaves of bread and nutella or peanut butter and eat that for all three meals for several days (gross). Needless to say I was super skinny when I got back, and I would get Charlie-horses all the time because I wasn’t getting any nutrition (drama I know).

Paris however, was the second city we went to, so we were living it up (by that I mean ordering food from restaurants and splitting) so we got to experience some of their amazing food. I really loved Paris, the music, the people (minus the rude waiters) the buildings, the food, the coffee, the river…everything. I have been working on convincing Trever, that we need to do Europe trip before we have kids, but he hates traveling. I KNOW, HOW CAN YOU HATE TRAVELING, I’ll never understand it.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I start reading The author moved to France for a year and talks about it on her blog. All her stories about the French countryside are fantastic, and the house she is renting is AMAZING (it makes me sick with jealousy, like sinful jealousy). I would absolutely LOVE to go Europe for a year, but it seems I don't live in a Romantic Comedy and I can't just leave my life behind for a year (plus the cats would be totally pissed to be carted with the luggage, since they think they're royalty). So...I guess I will live vicariously through her.

Anyways her sister has a blog, because her and her family went to Paris for a year and she is blogging about it as well. Today she posted that she is doing a giveaway, for a trip for two to Paris. And one of the ways to enter is through blogging about I am. I realize my chances are about as good as winning the lottery but it's worth a shot

Here's the blog if you want to enter, but if you win you should probably think about taking me with you since I'm the one who told you about it.

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