Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're back!!

To start, if you want to see wedding pictures either go to
michael's site or nick onken's site.
For the bachelorette story go to the apartment blog
The wedding was everything we wanted it to be. Thank you to everyone who came and all those who helped us so much with all the wedding details.
This is us the week of the wedding celebrating our five year anniversary

Our honeymoon was amazing. It started off great in the marriot newport with an amazing room with a gorgeous view. Our flight to Cancun was great

Our hotel was amazing, it was really beautiful, great weather, phenominal customer service, and all inclusive

Trever was a big fan of free sushi

By the end we were ready to come home and see all of our family and friends. They all came to our apartment to watch us open gifts.

Overall, because of the great friends and family we have around us, our entire engagement, wedding, and move in process was amazing. We love you all


jenny phebe said...

Yay =) Glad it was wonderful. Can't wait to spend time with you guys once school starts again. Praying for you.

Ps. Miss you, Brookie!!

Aunt Becky said...

Congratulations you two!!! We'll look forward to seeing more wedding pictures when they are posted.

You were in our thoughts and prayers the week of your wedding and on your wedding day. So happy for you and wishing you a God's best as you settle into married life.
Bob and Becky Meisel

Aunt Becky said...

Opps sorry it says, Aunt. when I set up the account I was blogging with my niece. (-:

Anonymous said...

Hey bro we are happy for you guys that you are married, thats awesome, welcome to the clan! Hey if you get a chance send me some of those pics from the baptism if you dont mind!