Thursday, October 9, 2008

The flower crew

Summer does flowers for weddings...kind of. She does all of her friends and any others when she has time. Anyways a lot of times we help her. The worst part about the flower job is going to the flower mart in L.A. in the middle of the night to get the flowers. For my wedding Summer, Sam, Whitney, and Brittany did the flower mart. So for Whitney's wedding it was payback and Summer, Natalie, Bri and I had to do it. Hayley helps everytime too, but she somehow weasels her way out of going to the mart...something about being pregnant...whatev :) I think Britt Hay and I could probably do a wedding on our own now. It actually ended up being really fun. In the middle of the night things are a lot funnier than they would normally be.

The whole back of my Mom's Tahoe was full haha there were flowers falling on my head the whole way home.

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travis and hayley said...

hey i helped too....everytime!!!