Monday, May 11, 2009

An Update...

Wow, Brooke and I noticed that we have not updated on this for a while... so lets get to it. Big news around this neck of the woods is that Brooke graduated! I am so proud of her and it was really fun to see her be honored in that way.

There was insane security.

It was also Amy's birthday not long ago! Heather celebrated by making her famous "breadsticks" Clark loved them.

Here is Emily at Eat Chow.... great restaurant. Sorry Caleb, I really didnt think it existed...haha.

Here we did a session with Jeff, Tyler and Emily... enough said.

Bish called this waitress over to our table one night to take a picture because he thought she looked just like Natalie. The best part was how he asked to take a picture with her.... I'll try to remember the best I can... something like... "Excuse me, I know this sounds wierd... but you look just like my fiance...." ..haha.

We drove up to fresno for Hillary and Carson's wedding. It was a blast! Here is a shot of Stevie climbing the hotel and some amazing food we got at a bbq place called Dog House....

I leave you with this. The craziest dog I know and a guy that got stuck in a big pot. Have a great day!


travis and hayley said...

so glad to see gunner made the cut;)

The Hofschroer's said...

loved the update! some of the coolest people I know are in this post!!!