Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's been a while!!!

We all went up to the central coast for Natalie and Daniel's wedding. For photos of their wedding go to

Brittany and Taylor moved into a new house so the McWhorter's and Trever and I helped them paint.
Trev was a big help!!

And lastly a cat climbed up our office screen and squeezed through a hole. Once the cat in the screen and down to the bottome of the window it was unable to get out. It scared me really bad because I thought someone was trying to break in.

I leave for Uganda on Sunday!! If you want to keep updated go to
Thank you to everyone (particularly my Mom, and Bruce) who helped support me so I could have this great opportunity

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ugandalove said...

We are SO EXCITED for you Brooke!!! You will have an amazing time!!! Be blessed--we'll be praying for you...Love, jean & stephen