Thursday, June 4, 2009

iPhone update- what we have been up to.

Trever here-
I have been traveling like crazy.... its funny that I married the biggest travel bug ever... I dont even like traveling, but I have to...ha. A couple weeks back I had to be at LAX at 7, fly to Salt lake City, take a cab to the medical side of their university, shoot a doctor for an editorial, jet back to the airport and catch a plane back home... all this and was home for dinner. It was a long day to say the least!

I also went to South Dakota (yippee!) to shoot a crusade for Harvest.

Here is my girl and our fat cat, Grey.

I added some frames to our ever growing frame wall... when will it stop! ;)

and finally, we were at a coffee shop up north and Stevie was standing right by this wall that had the picture to the left... NO JOKE. It wasnt long before I freaked out and made a scene... haha. I made him stand there for a picture.

Enjoy the day!


lee lo said...

Dude! that totally looks like Stevie! that's so hilarious!

PS. your cat is fat :)

treverhoehne said...

in the cat world, fat is a sign of strength and domination... let me know if you need lessons getting your cats to that point ;)

jusliloleme said...

I like the "Wall of Frame"! ;0

carsonbelmont said...

The wall will never stop, and Stevie looks incredible as always! I miss him!

The Hofschroer's said...

the pic of brookie is my favorite!