Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Here is a little about my trip to Uganda. It was amazing, and I really grew a lot.
Sorry there are so many pictures, I couldn't narrow it down!
This is the view of Lake Victoria from the guest house we stayed at in Kampala

We then drove five hours up to Gulu

GBCC, the church we work with. Rock Harbor and Africa Renewal ministries planted this church two and a half years ago. The congregation is amazing.

This is our team at Pastor Chris' house

We spent four of the days going out to the villages to do medical missions. This is the line at one of the villages, we would rotate giving our testimonies, going through the line to pray for the men and women...

...doing wound care

...filling prescriptions

...or playing with the kids. Yes, that is me doing to chicken dance and tons of kids copying me. They are easily entertained :)

We spent an afternoon doing hut-to-hut evangelism, and we got to meet some really great people.

We had the opportunity to go to a non-profit called heels. A women named Jolie started a program for kids affected by the war. The kids get together and learn dances, they were all amazing. It was awesome to see the kids enjoying themselves so much. This is me and a little girl I got to talk with for a while.

We spent Sunday at the church which was amazing. I wish that I could show the videos of them worshipping, it was awesome!
We also spent a day in the hospital and the prison in Gulu. I don't have photos of that but it was amazing. The Lord moved in amazing ways during the short amount of time we spent in Gulu.
On the way back down we went on a safari. We saw so many animals including giraffes, cave buffalo, warthogs, monkeys, baboons, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and a lion.

We took a boat down the Nile to see Murchinson Falls. It was absolutely beautiful!!

None of us thought to bring our rain coats, and of course we got drenched. About halfway through our trip down the Nile it started pouring down rain. We were all hysterically laughing because we were drenched and there was nothing we could do. It was epic!!!!

Here we are drenched after the boat trip

Up at Murchinson Falls

Here's a few pictures of their skies... they're prettier than ours!

We had a seven hour layover in Dubai with no hotel room so we did a tour of the city. We got to go in a bunch of the hotels and put our feet in the Arabian Sea. This is me and Taylor in front of a horse, but behind that is the tallest building in the world.

The trip was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back. However I am very happy to be back at home with Trev.


jenny phebe said...

Brookie...loved hearing about your trip! sounds amazing =) God is so good & I am so proud of your obedience to His leading. Love you!

hclements said...

loved all the pictures! sounds amazing! can't wait to hear more in person!! :) Glad you're back!!