Monday, July 6, 2009

The Net

As many of you know I am searching for a job now that I've graduated. Unfortunately the job market is saturated with plenty of other fresh college graduates like myself. In one of my online searching crazes I decided to surf through craiglist, which was recently recommended by a friend. Under education employment a job was listed for a Christian preschool teacher (working with mostly 1 year olds), which would be perfect for me as I don't have a teaching credential, and I love preschool aged kids. The name of the school wasn't listed, which I thought was a little fishy, but I shot an email over to see if the position was still available. Dennis emailed me with a detailed response to my job inquiry.

If you click on the image you can see it better, but lets just point a few things out
-Why on earth is Dennis willing to pay me $40 and hour
-How do you tutor a one year old
-If he is British why is his english so horrible
-Why is he willing to trust me with his daughter when I haven't even had a conversation with him
-Why is a one year old touring America
-Why can't he pay the nanny rather than giving me a bunch of money to give to the nanny
-Why does he need all my information
-So he trusts me that I will cash this large check and give the excess to the nanny (drug dealer)

I didn't respond because I would prefer that my new job have nothing to do with being the middle man for a drug deal, or a victim of identify theft. Thanks for your time Dennis, hope your daughter likes America!

Well I've learned my lesson not to trust random craigslist employers


Brandon said...

I love that the one year old can read and write fluently. Also, that you will teach it good academics and moral respects.

jeffrey gideon said...

don't be so close-minded, brookie.