Sunday, July 12, 2009


The original plan for Whitney and I’s birthday was to have a girls night out, which somehow turned into a co-ed camping trip. As some of you may have read my recent blog post about camping you know my feelings about this so called vacation activity. If not you can read it HERE. I'm not sure how our weekend digressed from hotel beds to sleeping bags, from high heels to dirt and sandals, from dancing to chopping wood, from crem-brulee to s’mores, from perfume to smoke, and from a nice morning shower to a morning layer of dew.

With that said...I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun we had on this camping trip. Probably the best trip we have taken as a group. Jon planned the trip and we did tons of fun things. The camp was beautiful and we had a blast. Here is what we did…

We played mafia by the fire

Stuffed too many people in each tent

Went for a hike

Enjoyed the view

Had a picnic

Lounged in the sun

Played wiffle ball

After some prayers for sparky...the boys fished

We ended the evening with the greasiest pizza in the world. We went back and camped one more night, woke up with the sun, and returned for a nice hot shower.

All together it was a wonderful weekend.


The Hofschroer's said...

did you hike Castle Rock? We did it over fourth of july weekend for the first time in a long time and I had forgotten just how much I love it! Is that Maggio's pizza?
Glad to hear you had fun! Happy Birthday!

Shannen Natasha said...

good times, good picture recap : ) Let's do it again when I don't have the plague..cooL? Happy Bday B!

Caleb Clements said...

also not healthy